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The Brenda Buck Family at the blessing of their new home... click for a closer view (11231 bytes)

Brenda Buck and her children took part in the dedication service for their new home.

Dedication crowd... click for a closer view (11279 bytes)

Approximately 70 people attended the blessing of the new home located at the east end of Calhoun Street.

Information and photos about our homes come from articles published by the Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune.

Few visitors came calling at the Brenda Buck home, especially since she and her family moved from public housing into a rental house on Fair Street. That's why the knock she heard on her door Tuesday night, February 23, 1999, was puzzling. She curiously opened the door and was met by a contingent of people delivering a message even Santa Claus could envy. The group was from Habitat for Humanity, and they were there to tell Mrs. Buck that she and her children had been chosen as Chillicothe second Habitat for Humanity family.

What this meant to Mrs. Buck was that for about the same amount of money as she spent monthly on rent payments, she and her family of four children could move into a brand new home built especially for them.

A kick-off picnic was held August 5, 1999, in Simpson Park. Free of cost, the picnic was catered by Chillicothe Hy-Vee. Land for the second home, located at the corner of Broadway and Calhoun, was purchased by CAHH at a reduced price from Graham Real Estate Agency. At the picnic, the "Friends of the Chillicothe Habitat for Humanity" program was announced. In the program, gifts of $25 or more make the donor a member of the new group. Members of the Friends receive invitations to take part in the local efforts to provide affordable housing to the community.

A ground-breaking ceremony was held Tuesday afternoon, August 3, 1999, with board members and the Buck family.

You may click on our photos to see a closer view...

Family Notified February 23, 1999
Home Dedicated August 20, 2000


Construction of the second house got a delayed start when builders found an existing basement on the lot where the house was to be built at the corner of Calhoun and Broadway Streets. The house includes 1,200 square-feet of living space and features four bedrooms, a kitchn, living room, 1.5 baths, and a covered porch area.

While construction forged ahead, the community continued with fundraising efforts.

  • May 24 through 30, 1999, was named Habitat for Humanity Week with house-shaped banks placed at various businesses in town for donations.
  • A two-day fundraising cookout was held June 11 and 12, 1999, at the Piggly Wiggly in Chillicothe, raising nearly $900. Piggly Wiggly donated food, napkins, and condiments at a reduced cost, with all soft drinks donated by Coca-Cola. Piggly Wiggly also provided the equipment for the cookout.
  • The 5th grade class of Bishop Hogan Memorial School handstitched a quilt, which was then machine quilted by Cathy Summers, who donated her quilting services. The students sold tickets for a drawing for the quilt which was, in turn, won by Summers to donated it back to the class. The class raised $212 with a portion donated to CAHH.
  • Phyllis Pence donated a quilt she had won from the Mid-Coast Habitat for Humanity in Camden, Maine. The drawing raised $1,200 for the organization.
  • The Episcopal Diocese donated a $1,000 grant as a gift to be used in the construction of the second Habitat home.
  • Chillicothe Elks Lodge No. 656 donated $1,000 toward Habitat for Humanity from funds raised in a special bingo night.
  • Wal-Mart distributed $14,000 to 16 local and area non-profit organizations through a half-dozen different programs. Habitat shared in the distribution.
  • A boxed lunch auction at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meek raised $815 for the organization.
  • Children attending the Vacation Bible School sponsored by four different Chillicothe congregations raised $101 for Habitat August 9 through August 13, 1999.

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