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Information and photos about our homes come from articles published by the Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune.

New Home Signals New Beginning
By Drew Van Dyke, January 25, 2011 CT
C-T Photos / Drew Van Dyke

CAPTION: Hugo Sanchez tightly clutches the American flag he was presented during the dedication ceremony for his family's home, which was built through Habitat for Humanity.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, another local family now has a place to call home in Chillicothe.

On Saturday afternoon Hugo Sanchez and wife, Araceli, were formally presented with their new home on Wise Street in Chillicothe during a ceremony put on by the Chillicothe Area Habitat for Humanity, along with several members of the community. The Sanchezes have four children: two sons, Brian and Jonathan, and two daughters, Jessica and Denise. Each member of this family was present, and all smiles, during the ceremony.

Overseeing the process was Norma Hussey, of the Chillicothe Area Habitat for Humanity, who reported that more than 1,000 man-hours had gone into the creation of the Sanchez home. Habitat is a volunteer group, specializing in the creation of living quarters for families across the globe. The participation of volunteers is vital to the success of the program's projects. "It provides an opportunity for families who wouldn’t otherwise be afforded this opportunity," Hussey stated in her welcoming speech Saturday.

Sue Rose Harter, of the Virginia Dare Chapter of the Colonial Dames 17th Century, presented Hugo Sanchez with the family's very own American flag. She explained the significance of the colonists who first landed in America so long ago, and how they had to rely upon friends to build homes for each other in order to survive. Harter explained that this situation wasn't too far removed from that one, it seemed.

Alan Brock, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Chillicothe, presented the Sanchezes with a quilt, handmade by Mickey Cox, who was unable to attend the festivities. Brock passed on his well-wishes to the family in kind.

The Rev. Bill Reese, of Chillicothe United Methodist Church, gave the closing prayer as selected dedicatory officiant, and Hussey announced that there were refreshments available inside of the home for anyone who wanted to stay around for a while.

The Sanchezes watched on that winter day as community members toured their new home. They stood on their wooden porch, outside of the one-story yellow house, still all smiles. It was their home. Hugo Sanchez held on tight to his new American flag as he shook hands with those present. It was more than a flag for him. It was a symbol of a new beginning - of the great things to come. "I just passed my citizenship test on Monday," he proudly explained. Then he grinned even bigger and shook another hand. "It has been a good week."

CAPTION: Sue Rose Harter (center) presents the Hugo Sanchez family (gathered at left) with an American flag on Saturday afternoon as a part of the ceremony to open their new home built by the Chillicothe Area Habitat for Humanity. Habitat put more than 1000 man-hours into the completion of the home, at 415 Wise Street in Chillicothe.

Habitat Caravanners Make Progress on Newest Home
Published: Thursday, May 21, 2009, C-T

CAPTION: Habitat for Humanity Caravanners - a contingent comprised of 14 volunteers from several states - paused for a moment with some local Habitat for Humanity board members and some members of the newest Habitat for Humanity family - the Hugo and Araceli Sanchez family.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Despite rainy weather, the Habitat for Humanity Caravanners made great progress in the construction of the 12th Chillicothe Area Habitat for Humanity home. The home, on Wise Street, is being built for the Hugo and Araceli Sanchez family. For at least the last seven years, the caravanners - coming from various states - visit Chillicothe each spring to help build a Habitat home. This year, 14 volunteers came from Ohio, Kansas, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado and Canada to help with the effort. When they first arrived, only the foundation walls for the home were completed. During their stay, the caravanners put on the subfloor, framed in the building with assistance from Copeland Development, put on the roof, set the inside walls and completed most of the siding. While in Chillicothe, the caravanners stayed at Grand Oaks.

Sanchezes Named 12th Habitat for Humanity Family

CAPTION: The Chillicothe Area Habitat for Humanity Chapter has chosen the Hugo Sanchez family as the 12th Habitat family. Pictured are, from left: Jessica, 8, Hugo, Jonathan, 3, Araceli and Bryan, 5. The family currently lives at 1910 Fredrick Street in Chillicothe. Hugo is the manager of the El Toro restaurant.

C-T Photo/Laura Schuler 01 09 09

When Hugo and Araceli Sanchez were married nine years ago, they dreamed of someday owning their own home. "It was always a dream, something we planned on for a long time. But we didn't know how we would do it," Hugo said Wednesday. Their dream of home ownership is coming true thanks to the Chillicothe Habitat for Humanity chapter which recently selected the Sanchez family as Chillicothe’s 12th Habitat for Humanity family. According to Connie Epperson, a committee member on Habitat's Family Selection Committee, the decision of which family to choose was a hard one. "It was a very difficult decision. We wish we could give a home to everyone who applies," she said.

The Sanchezes, who have two sons: Bryan, 5, Jonathan, 3; and a daughter, Jessica, 8, were chosen for several reasons, Epperson said. "It came down to the (small) size of their home, and they had the boys and girl sharing the same bedroom," she explained. Epperson added that financial factors figured into the equation as well. In the Sanchez home at 910 Fredrick Street, there are two bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs with a kitchen, small living room and a half bathroom upstairs. Hugo, who works as the manager of the El Toro, restaurant, says he is excited about being a Habitat family. "We didn't expect it," Hugo said, adding that they submitted an application to Habitat last year for consideration. "They (Habitat representatives) said we were close (to being chosen)," Hugo explained.

Epperson said six families submitted applications for Habitat consideration - a lower number than in past years. "I think we had less families apply because they have to attend the meeting that we have in September and then they have to pick up and complete the packet (of information)," Epperson said. She added that many families attended the meeting and collected packets, but only six completed them and turned them in by the October deadline.

Families are chosen based on three criteria:

  • ability to meet monthly payments
  • demonstration of need for adequate housing
  • willingness to partner with Habitat, including working 250 hours for their "sweat equity" down payment.

The Sanchezes learned that they were chosen right before Christmas. Typically, Epperson said, a decision on just which family is chosen is made earlier. However, inclement weather caused meetings to be postponed. "What I would like to stress is that this isn't the first time (the Sanchezes) have applied," Epperson said, adding that Habitat encourages families to apply more than once.

Araceli, a stay-at-home mother, says the news of getting a home of their own will likely not seem real to the boys until they move in. Jessica said she is excited, but hasn't decided what color she'd like her own room. The Sanchezes have been in America for 12 years and are currently in the process of applying for U.S. citizenship. Hugo is from Guadalajara and Araceli is from Mexico City. The couple met in Columbia, Missouri, when both were working in a restaurant there.

As the next Habitat family, the Sanchezes will pay an interest-free 20-year mortgage once the house is complete. Habitat officials have said that the chapter is over half-way to becoming self-sustaining. Once the 20th Habitat home is built, the mortgage payments made by Habitat families will pay for the construction of the 21st home.

Donations to the Chillicothe Area Habitat for Humanity are always welcome and can be sent to the Chillicothe Habitat for Humanity, PO Box 913, Chillicothe, MO 64601.

Brenda Wright, chairman of the Habitat Selection Committee

Family Notified: January 9, 2009
Groundbreaking: TBA

Home Dedicated: TBA

Habitat for Humanity Opening Application Process
Published: Wednesday, August 27, 2008, C-T

Livingston County residents are invited to learn about the application process for a Habitat home on Monday, Sept. 15, at 7 p.m. at Grace Episcopal Church, 421 Elm St., Chillicothe. The 2008 Habitat family will be chosen based on three criteria: 1) ability to meet monthly payments, 2) demonstration of need for adequate housing and 3) willingness to partner with Habitat, including working 250 hours for their "sweat equity" down payment.

Applicants have until 4 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 17, to complete and return the standard Habitat application and supporting documents to a Family Selection Committee member. The Family Selection Committee will use the next 30 days to check references, review background checks, interview applicants and make a final selection. "At the earliest we expect to announce the 2008 Chillicothe Habitat family by Nov. 18," said Brenda Wright, chair of the committee.

In the organization's continuing effort to raise funds, Habitat members say they are also searching for a partner to help fund this year's challenge grant. Last year, a local individual offered to match new funds raised by Dec. 31, 2007, up to $2,500. Wright said that, like last year, a new playhouse will be auctioned in November to raise funds for Habitat. The playhouse will be built to resemble the 2008 Habitat house in Chillicothe and will be sold to the highest bidder after the Holiday Parade.

The Chillicothe Habitat for Humanity began in 1997. Nationally, Habitat got its start in Georgia in 1976 and is now working in 70-80 countries.

Donations to the Chillicothe Area Habitat for Humanity are always welcome and can be sent to the Chillicothe Habitat for Humanity, PO Box 913, Chillicothe, MO 64601.

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